Road Trauma Support Tasmania Inc. is a statewide counselling service that specialises in trauma and grief counselling. Our counselling service is one of help and support for those who have been involved in a road crash, or affected by a road crash.

We provide a statewide free and confidential counselling service. 

Our counsellors will listen, support and assist you in your time of need. You may either speak with a counsellor by phone, or make an appointment to speak to a counsellor in person. Our counsellors may also assist you with information about community services, or any other appropriate services which will be of help to you.


Traumatic events may range from an immediate mild stress reaction, through to a moderate stress state. During this time, normal coping mechanisms are temporarily impaired. Some cases may result in a crippling post traumatic state.

Stress reactions to traumatic events can occur immediately or they may be delayed for hours, weeks or even years.

A road crash can result in not only physical stress and injury but also emotional shock. Much of the distress experienced after a crash is due to the unexpected nature of road crash and the threat they pose.


Grief can affect every aspect of a person’s being, and at times can be so intense as to feel overwhelming.

A bereaved person who has not successfully grieved is more prone to illness, both physical and psychological.” – Mal McKissock.

After experiencing loss a person is forced to deal with a different life, to which significant adjustments may need to be made. It is important to recognise and remember that each person’s grief reaction is unique. Only you know exactly what the loss feels like to you and what it means for you.

“it is . . . healthy to express the intense and painful emotions relating to loss.” – Mal McKissock.

In the beginning, people often experience a desire to discover that it really isn’t true, and seek to avoid the terrible awareness that the loss is real. Part of this avoidance is shock during which emotional numbness helps to provide a protective buffer until the reality of the loss and all that it means can be comprehended and absorbed.

Once the shock wears off the onslaught of intense painful emotions begins. This is the fierce experience of grief. Extremes of emotion are felt almost without ceasing, and it is during this time a person can feel overwhelmed.

“Grieving is important for healing the wound of separation.” – Mal McKissock.

Grieving is unique and individual, and using our services can help greatly to understand the situation, let go of the grief, and begin healing.


We can assist with any of the following:
  • Filling in your Motor Accident Insurance Board (MAIB) forms.
  • Having someone from our organisation accompany you as a support person during an interview in the aftermath of a crash. 
  • Having a support person accompany you to court if you need to attend as the result of being in a crash or being a witness to a crash.
  • Making enquiries on your behalf (with your consent)..

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