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Road Trauma Support Tasmania Inc. is a statewide counselling service that specialises in trauma and grief counselling. Our counselling service is one of help and support for those who have been involved in a road crash or affected by a road crash. Our services are free and confidential.


Traumatic events may range from an immediate mild stress reaction, through to a moderate stress state. During this time, normal coping mechanisms are temporarily impaired. Some cases may result in a crippling post traumatic state. 


Grief can affect every aspect of a person’s being, and at times can be so intense that it can feel overwhelming. For a person to experience grief it is not necessary for a death to have occurred, since there are many forms of loss.


Road Trauma Support Tasmania Inc. provides a free confidential, caring, and supportive counselling service.

Our counsellor(s) will listen, support and assist you in your time of need. You may either speak with a counsellor by phone, contact them via sms, or make an appointment (by phone or email) to speak to a counsellor in person.​


The privacy of our callers is very important to us. 

​Your name and personal details are strictly confidential, and will not be passed onto any parties without your written consent.

Our professional counsellors have a deep understanding of your concerns and needs and adhere to a strict code, allowing you to feel at peace, further helping in your vital healing process.